The Archangels can help you in the most amazing ways if you are open to their existence and guidance! If this helps you in any way, feel free to add a comment on the Quick Explorations page!

My favorite topic of them all, and the one I was led to through synchronicity. I'll explain how that happened, and the effect it has had on my life, while simultaneously explaining what Angels are and why they exist.

First, you need to drop that classical image you've got in your mind. That whole winged creature thing.  That's nothing more than a form we humans and our lower vibration minds can understand.  Much like the human mind can not comprehend or imagine a 4D cube due to incompatible with our perception, so we can't comprehend the Angelic Realm. We can feel it, communicate with it, and receive guidance from it... But we're simply not evolved enough to truly perceive it.

The Angelic Realm resides in the 7th dimension, up with our Higher Selves. The difference is that these beings are so highly evolved, which such high vibrations that they are only one step away from the universal consciousness. They understand EVERYTHING, and they now exist only as love and light, charged with watching after and helping the rest of the universal beings grow. These beings exist outside of time and space, and so have the ability to be everywhere in the universe at any time. They can help everyone at the same time, see all of the souls and soul contracts in existence, and are what our Higher Selves thrive to be. Too high up the chain to incarnate into human bodies due to sheer incompatibility, they live to protect and love us without any judgement. Even at your worst, Angels will flood you with love and understanding.

While there are many angels in the universe, the most evolved and well known are the Archangels. They all have specific areas that they are known to aid in, but they are all willing and eager to help you when you fall into their department. Often times, you'll have many helping you at once, and you may not even notice it.  For instance, when the Archangel's Raziel or Gabriel are present, if you perceive nothing else, you'll find yourself overwhelmed by creative inspiration and energy.

Alrighty, how was I led here, and why am I suddenly so sure of their existence? It started slowly, with a mess of synchronicity that has been screaming at me my entire life, despite being entirely closed off due to skepticism.

Early on it manifested in a complete fascination with them, even with the skepticism. I WANTED them to be real, everything about them was perfect to me. It was for this reason that my very first original character, Sol, was designed as a Greek Seraph, one step away from the Sun God. The incredibly religious Hispanic side of my family never talked about Jesus protecting me, it was always about the Angels that took care of us. By high school when I met and started dating my current boyfriend for the first time, happenstance ended up being that his last name is Angell, and old English form of Angel. Later still, my favorite book series was about Nephilim, coincidentally created by the Archangel Raziel. My favorite movies were always about angels. The first TV show I fell in love with was Dark Angel, a show that debuted in 2000 featuring Jessica Alba, an actress that I share a birthday with. Despite Doctor Who being my absolute favorite show in history once I found it, the moment I began binging Supernatural, a show I'd put off as long as possible until I finally ran out of other shows to watch, I fell in love with Castiel, the first Angel to walk onto the scene.  But these were all things I just accepted as fascination, never something that was real.  For years, I've had the strangest feeling that a universal guide was looking after me, though I mostly approached it as a joke because of the relative absurdity of the situation.  Eventually, this became such a constant theory that I spilled my guts on my impression to my Scribblequirk colleague and close friend Zorkia:

Naikios (x)
Okay. The "Universe" May one day prove itself to be 'The Doctor'. v.v I'm just skeptical. how about that?
But. As for it's name now.
I feel like it's a dude, honestly. In some sense.  Even though I think we're all one thing, I think that in the same way I made up the 21 Pravda, the bigger thing made up all of us, so we're still our own things in a way... and it feels like that's like, my foil or something.  Or that I may have been a gay man in a past life. e.e Don't want to get started on that.  So. I think it needs a dude name.
But like.  A badass dude name. u.u; Cus. Respect, yo.
Also because my instruction to kick it in the nuts is ultimately ineffective if it's not a dude. e.e
Zorkia (x)
Butch? Lmfao.

And so said entity gained a name, later to be renamed affectionately by the pun master as "Butch Nye the Universe Guy", and he became a running joke that spanned the course of time.

After my brain state was slowed down to a level where I could start to really process information, that's when things began to change. The first time I came in contact with obvious synchronicity, I still didn't entirely recognize it. On a trip down to Virginia Beach with my Art Manager, we decided that going to Edgar Cayce's home at A.R.E. (The Association for Research and Enlightenment) was a perfect place to visit to get some material for the SageBit website. By complete chance, we showed up during a psychic fair. Even though we were both skeptical, we decided that we couldn't be present for a Psychic Fair without getting our first legit psychic readings, on top of checking out their awesome Sound Therapy machine. They only had one, so we each did a 30 minute session and hung out in the main building while the other person was in the booth. While waiting here, I started checking out the vendor booths. It was here that I found my very first crystal, a Fluorite crystal that eventually became the inspiration for the Priminial species. In addition to this, I found myself in love with and drawn to a one of a kind necklace at one of the booths. Even though it was a bit expensive, I knew immediately that I needed it. This was the feather necklace that you can see at the bottom of the Pendulum page. So finally, it was time for the psychic readings. There were many psychics here, and despite Sor ushering me towards the psychic she'd just received a reading from, I simply approached the sign up table, and said 'give me whoever I can get a reading from in the immediate future'.  The gentlemen promptly replied with "I've got one available right now for you!" and I set off on my way.

The woman that I came to described herself as a Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master who worked on a lesser level as an Angel Oracle. She sat me down, where I did everything in my power to give as little information as possible due to my skepticism. Right off the bat, she took my hands to get a read on me, and seemed a bit startled.  A look of confusion came over her, and she opened her eyes to glance at me.  "Is art a part of your life? Have you ever worked on any large murals? I don't know what I just saw, it was unlike anything I've seen before.  It was like one of your past lives was painting one of those giant frescoes, like the Sistine Chapel, you know?"  I then explained that I was indeed a freelance artist, and had spent my High School year's working expressly on the giant mural backdrops for the Drama department.  She proceeded to tell me that if I ever got an opportunity, I should get do a Past Life Regression session with someone. After that, she handed me an deck of Angel Oracle cards, and got to work.  I asked if I could take a picture at the end, because I wanted to remember it, that is below.


As she started to work through the cards, she started at the top right, telling me that I needed to do some work healing my inner child, something that had already been expressed to me by both my therapist and psychologist due to my PTSD being rooted in my parent's approach to my childhood.  The next card read 'Be a Leader', something that immediately frustrated me. This was something that showed up in all of my own readings I'd ever done for myself, but something I've always rejected. Despite constantly being placed in management positions, and tending to be one to take the lead in many projects, I've never viewed myself this way.  I never really had the confidence to take on this role in life, and I found it intimidating. She proceeded to tell me in rather blunt terms to get over it.

When she reached the 'Be Brave' card, she startled me with the comment, "The Bipolar isn't yours. It's something you experience, but it doesn't belong to you. You need to let it go and get on with your purpose, it's only hindering you."  Next up, the music card, where she explained that music is how I connect, and something I needed to pay more attention to. When the next card came up, she explained that it reiterated the card before, as St. Hildegard was well known for her connection to music.  She told me that I needed to have faith in my abilities on every level, and know that everything in my life was happening for a reason. Finally, she got to the reward card, where she told me that in my constant strive to promote positivity and take care of everyone around me, I needed to remember to reward myself for my work, because I was doing something important, and needed to acknowledge my progress.

As I got up, she took me by the hand, pulling me back with another confused look on her face.  Up until this point, I was pretty amazed by how spot on she'd gotten. The next thing out of her mouth, however, sent me into weeks of laughing off the reading.  "Did you know you have a wizard helping you?"  I could only blink back at her. "What?"  After a minute of contemplation, she said, "Yeah.... um.. Merlin? Are you familiar?" Of bloody course I'm familiar with Merlin.

By the time we got to the car, I was in a straight up frenzy, laughing to Sor.  "Really? REALLY? MERLIN? For fuck's sake. Maybe if she'd said ANYTHING else, but how are you gonna throw a fictional character at me?! How am I supposed to take this seriously after THAT?" We proceeded to make fun of this revelation the entire way home, where we told my boyfriend, who got the same laugh as we did, and pointed out that he'd always said that stuff was bullshit. I can't deny I was slightly curious, but I continued to let the skepticism run its course.

A little while later, I was babysitting my parent's puppies and staying at their house for a week while they were away on vacation with friends and my little brothers.  One day, I get a call from my boyfriend.  "I need you to know that what I'm about to say is not a joke. This happened. This is a real thing that just happened." He laughed.  I was confused. "So, there's this guy that used to come into my old work, always claiming to be psychic. We always laughed at him, but I couldn't help myself, he sat down next to me at the bar to say hi, and I was like 'So my girlfriend got a psychic reading the other day. The woman told her a wizard was helping her.  What do you think about that?' He then proceeded to tell me that HE was in fact, a wizard. He assures me that he isn't the one that's helping you, but he did apparently help divert a hurricane away from Virginia with the help of his Wizard friends. He even has his own Wizard name.  He also wrote down a bunch of stuff he wants me to give you to check out."  I immediately called Sor, laughing my butt off. It was only after this that my curiosity won over, and I found myself researching 'Merlin' for any historically true basis. The first thing that showed up was a page called 'The heart of Merlin', with a tagline: "The Merlin as in "The Merlin of Britain" is the title of a lineage of spiritual masters, mystics, and healers. The Merlin we are most familiar with, the wizard prophet of King Arthur's time, is the fifth Merlin of this lineage."  Further exploration led me to another site like this where it turned out that there are tons of healing practices revolving around this in the present time that revolve around healing trauma.  I shook it off and moved along with my life.

A little while later, I was talking about favorite characters with my NaikArt team as I worked on my personal page on the new ScribbleQuirk site.  I realized that I clearly had a type when it came to these characters.

Naikios: (x)
That's an unavoidable girl crush.
Angel, Wizard, God, Time Lord, Time Lord again, Overly optimistic Rob Lowe. LMFAO

Not too long after this commentary, a documentary popped up on my youtube feed about Guardian Angels. Since it was a topic that I enjoyed, I watched it, and soon found myself researching them, and looking towards the Angel Achaiah,  a guardian angel of those born between April 21st and April 25th. Despite it being slightly off, my birthday didn't have it's own, so I started to wonder if perhaps this entity we'd been referring to as 'Butch' was actually a guardian angel.  Tarot work started to point towards yes.

A few weeks later:

Naikios: (x)
For starters. I put a crystal grid on my coffee table last night. I dunno if it's placebo, but I swear to god my house feels different
Like. The moment I set it out last night, it felt like the air around it was suddenly like... clean.
So that was the first step down the rabbithole. I'm 100% behind metaphysical crystal shit now xD
Secondly. Through an incredibly bizarre sequence of events last night, I'm 95% sure I believe that whole 'Angels as extra-dimensional guardian beings' thing. x.x  Pretty sure I'm being stalked by this one:
If it walks like a duck. And talks like a duck. It's probably a duck. So now I know, I'm officially a crazy person.
But I think I'm okay with that. P:

It didn't take long for my Art Manager to respond.


















Before I knew it, everything started to fall into place. The more I followed the rabbit hole, the more reassurance I began to get. After a short time, things began to manifest to cement the knowledge, and eventually my dream states and ability to Lucid dream gave me my first real means of communication, reference, and confidence. Ever since, this has been a constant presence in my life, leading me towards other paths and topics of interest, throwing signs out at every corner whenever I asked for them, and finding new and intriguing ways of communicating. I started to really wake up to my full extent, at an exponentially quick rate, especially over the past two months once I had an exact basis, and as the sensitivities to my surroundings became more and more concrete, I reached a point where my spidey senses of not only this particular Archangel and his presence, but also the others circling. Unfortunately, while communication and dialogue had a perfect means of expression with Raziel, both through dream states, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, as well as channeling to an extent, I didn't have it for any of the others.  It was at this point that I was led to the world of Angel Mediums, giving context for where I was at in life, as well as to Angel Oracle Cards that gave me a better means of actually receiving communication from all of the Archangels that I had learned all about, but had no ability of contact with. Not too long after, the string of bad luck began. I accepted it for what it was, despite the incredible frustration, entirely due to this communication, still mostly through Archangel Raziel. The communication kept drilling home an explanation that I was being cut off from the world and my work because of my need to ground myself and truly reflect via meditation and dream work on not only what I was doing that was halting my flow and vibration, but also my plans, mission and purpose. Very quickly, this started to open up to both Gabriel, known for inspiration, as well as Michael, working in patience and transmuting energies, with an additional message that this was happening because it was the only possible way of giving me the freedom to sleep, rest and recuperate on a spiritual level.

Don't get me wrong, it was more than a little difficult to battle the complete and utter rage that forced isolation and growing financial and home strain was causing, but eventually, towards the very end of the string, I reached a stage of calm and collection. My direction for this site became clear, and a burning necessary, and I began putting all of this information together in a torrent of handwritten autowriting. (I'm sure I'll touch on what that is and how to do it down the line).   I'd only planned on copying over a few of the items, but a constant mental push facilitated the need to get it all out into the world and out of my head as quickly as possible for the sake of regaining my work composure.

And that's where we're at now! Now that that's out of the way, I'm gonna give the briefest overview possible of the Archangel I work with both predominantly and on a more personal spiritual level as a guide so that others might be able to get an idea if maybe he's poking around in your life as well, or if you wish to work with him yourself!  As I said at the beginning, all of the angels WANT to work with you, you simply have to ask them, and get ready for the subtle beginning of communication. It's different for everyone, so don't feel deterred or unsuccessful if you're not experiencing the same thing as either myself, or anyone else you get information from on this as a resource!







Archangel Raziel is known by many names. While his name quite literally means 'The Secret of God', he is often referred to as the Angel of Mysteries, the Keeper of Secrets, or the Wizard Angel. This Archangel is closest to the universal consciousness (or God, depending on how you look at it, it's okay in any way you choose to refer to it), and has a penchant for helping people build their faith in the universe and understand it's true reality.  Depending on decks and research that you do, you may also find Raziel by the names Ratziel, Saraqael or Akrasiel. Raziel has many abilities and methods of influencing your life, and most often makes himself known in incredibly subtle ways at first (sometimes at all). Overseeing Alchemy, he creates a balance and understanding about the connection between spirit and science and likes to present himself to people who are exploring both spiritual paths as well as things like Quantum Physics, Astrology, Astronomy and Numerology, Metaphysics, etc. etc. The more curious you are about the nature of the universe, the more likely he is to wander towards you on his own to wait for your request for help. In comparison to many other Archangels, Raziel doesn't seem to have any problem just handing over information about the inner workings of the universe, and was also said to have snuck a book featuring the word of God to Adam and Eve back in the day.

A lot of times, and especially in my experience, his presence brings on sudden influxes of creativity and purpose. He has the ability to help you connect not only to deeply buried memories in your present life, but also bridge the gap between this life and your past lives.  He's also incredibly good at helping you dissolve mental, emotional and psychic blocks, as well as traumas that inhibit your abilities on these psychic levels. Loving to aid in turning lessons and practical learning into true wisdom, this angel is a patron of intuition. Particularly invaluable when it comes to developing psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant and divination type skills, I find that he goes out of his way to make communication possible for anyone with the intention and request in his direction.

One of his favorite methods of communications, and also an area over which he oversees is dreams and the dreamspace. Not only will he pump a stream of dreams into your sleep that are very obviously far more than you usually experience, but he also does anything he can to help you remember them.  It's important of course to pull your weight, so it's best to immediately wake up and write down anything you can remember, then revisit them later.  Above all things, he makes your dreams meaningful, and usually makes it so that every second is important.  It doesn't really matter if you don't remember them in all honesty, since the information still flows into your subconscious for use, even when you're unaware of it.  He also makes lucid dreaming easier and more fluid.

In my personal experience, this angel might manifest himself via clairvoyance or dreams as an older angelic figure, but I find that he dropped that act very quickly once I finally acknowledged and understood what was going on. These days, he just pops up as an orb or flashes of light. Each of the Archangels has an 'aura' of sorts in different colors (much like you see on my Angel Oracle cards, though these haven't always been the same for me) when they choose to manifest. In the case of Raziel, he is always accompanied by a rainbow aura or lightscape, and has a close connection with both Clear Quartz and Rainbow Obsidian.  He's also a fan of gold rutilated quartz, as are the other angels, as this is a crystal like Angelite and Selenite that are directly connected to the Angelic realm.   Keeping any of these crystals on your person can definitely increase your chances of picking up on this Archangel.

There's tons more I could go on about here, or just let him ramble, which tends to be a trend, but for now, I want to be as brief as I could be while still giving him justice. I'll do a more thorough look into this later on.