This section of the site is going to discuss a phenomena called Awakening, or Ascension. This is a Spiritual Awakening, and can either happen due to your intention and desire to begin, or may begin entirely without your knowledge. In these instances, it can be quite confusing, and sometimes scary. Hopefully this guide will help you out in either situation, or if you've already experienced an Awakening and are curious about what the experience is like for others. If this helps, or you've experienced or are experiencing your own Spiritual Awakening right now, feel free to leave a comment on the Quick Explorations Page!


Awakening and Ascension is triggered when you begin to connect the various parts of the world around you, when curiosity starts to lead you to some nagging feeling that there is more going on than you may have previously considered. If you live solely within the confines of today's understanding, which is based only in what is visible and 'scientifically provable', you block out the messages that your subconscious, Higher Self, and guides are trying to give you.  This is entirely natural and understandable due to the forgetting stage that comes at birth, and the impact that societal norms have on our development. The process of awakening is a challenge to these fundamental teachings that are based only in logic that each person has to experience on their own.  This is because lessons can only be learned and retained when you are ready for them, and not before... and most importantly because the most absolute law of our universe that ALL dimensions must follow is free will. Not even your spirit guides can breech this law, but can only show you signs and guidance in subtle ways to try to prepare you for the journey.

Because spiritual awakening can be triggered in sudden and sometimes traumatic circumstances, many people choose to shut it out to avoid the challenge that comes along with it. For many, this process can be a lot like the stages of grief, and lead to a temporary feeling of isolation and loneliness as you begin to work through the shock of it. Not to mention, Awakening comes along with both physical and mentally traumatic symptoms for a time that can appear more like ailments and mental disorders that need to be corrected solely in the physical planes of existence. Since this is the primary turn off to the process, I'm going to start there. Know that this doesn't apply to everyone, and this journey is different for every person. For some, it's an incredibly simple transition, so this little guide is meant more for those who are blocked by the seemingly negative aspects of Ascension.

The very first stage is typically hardest for atheists, because this is going to challenge every perception you've had through out your life.  Because of this, shock and denial are the very first responses. The sudden influx of information and emotions that come with awakening can be so traumatic and against our cemented beliefs that the easiest form of response is denial.

Next, this change can cause a great deal of pain. Everything you thought to be true in life is falling apart, while the ego is simultaneously and effectively dying. This is only because ego is the key element of incarnation into physical planes that guides our actions and personality, as well as thought processes. It is the the thing that keeps us tethered to our perceived reality, and living separate and detached existences. This is the part of ourselves that makes it hard to accept any connection to the things and people around us that live by different moral, religious and personal practices. Ego is our sense of self.  During awakening, ego begins to die, bringing us into a higher understanding of our closeness to the rest of reality, and everyone/thing that surrounds us, including those that we previously wanted to keep detached from ourselves and our lives. This is often referred to as 'the Dark Night of the Soul', where everything about ourselves starts to deteriorate. Especially when you're self-conscious about the way others may perceive this sudden change that overcomes your personality and views, this can be painful. This can also lead to guilt about the things that have happened in your past, maybe the things that don't fit into your new viewpoint that you now feel terrible about, such as the way you conducted yourself or the way you treated people or your environment. You may also feel guilt in regards to the fact that you are experiencing something that those around you are not.

After this, it's natural to feel anger at the world for not allowing you this information before hand, or for the lack of resources to help you reach this point. It's equally natural to feel an overwhelming feeling that you need to help force the rest of the world to wake up, which is an impossibility for the reasons I originally mentioned. Humans can only begin this journey when THEY are ready, so the most you should attempt is to show a different perspective that may ultimately trigger this awakening, and avoid feeling any anger or disappointment if it doesn't.  You may also go through another period of trying to angle yourself out of this process, some belief that you can shut it out to return to simpler times.

Depression and loneliness are typically the next situation, also a part of the Dark Night of the Soul. You begin to realize that your priorities in life are no longer the same as the people, family and friends around you. This can come both from your desire to explore yourself and the painful emotions that may be associated with this process, as well as a feeling of isolation. This second portion typically comes from a feeling of being out of place or misunderstood. As if the people around you no longer understand you, or that you can't talk to them due to their crucially different and often cemented viewpoints that can make them perceive you as crazy or strange, something our emotional consciousness is very uncomfortable with.  For me personally, this has been one of the most difficult stages, especially as I have a relentlessly atheist boyfriend who I live with. For him, there is absolutely NO chance of a trigger, and at every stage of awakening for me, he has made this very clear in very blunt terms. When someone close to you reacts to these changes in your viewpoints and personality changes with "There is nothing in the world you can possibly say to make me ever think that your views are anything more than absolute bullshit short of the sky opening up and Jesus Christ walking out", you can be hit with an incredible feeling of loneliness and depression. This is especially true when even their perception of your view is wrong. For instance, my spiritual viewpoints have almost nothing to do with Jesus or established religious norms, so being looped into this category can be one of the most frustrating things in the world.

After this, things finally begin to turn positive, the information is starting to resonate and be accepted, our confidence builds, and we have the opportunity to rebuild ourselves in this new self. You can now accept the new feelings and priorities, explore what they are, perhaps changing the things we used to do that don't fit with our new viewpoints, often in the form of newfound morality and sensitivity, as well as forgiveness towards grudges that arose from past traumas and 'wrongs' that we felt, a drop in the victimization feeling. It is in this stage we begin to realize the potential for manifestation and spirituality in our lives. Once this happens, we are overwhelmed by a feeling of hope and purpose, a period where we begin to connect to those with similar mindsets and are reconstructing ourselves as our new selves and becoming familiar with our true selves and higher selves.

Physical symptoms that manifest with an awakening can be incredibly worrisome if you don't recognize them for what they are. Especially if your awakening is beginning unbeknownst to you, these can send you running straight to your doctor for every type of aid possible, but they are temporary (length of time is different for everyone, but it usually continues until you give in, recognize, and accept the situation for what it is). The reason this happens is because during this process of ego death and rapid vibrational increase, your body is completely rebuilding itself at a genetic level to become compatible with your new frequency. Imagine it a lot like trying to run a Playstation 4 game on a Playstation 1. It just doesn't work, the upgrades are too substantial, so your body needs to at least equip itself in a further generation that can run the program.

These physical symptoms include but are not limited to: headaches/migraines, insomnia, changes in appeitite, sudden periods of intense energy or exhaustion, new food and environmental allergies, skin irritations across the body (and often times on the scalp), hot flashes, dizziness/vertigo/mental fogginess, changes in sleep patterns, Heart palpitations, Cravings for new foods, Increased levels of stress, an influx of sensitivities to sight/sound/smell and touch. You may also find yourself falling a lot, breaking bones easily, having muscle and joint aches that come on much like growing pains, etc. All (or none) of these symptoms arise due to the incompatibility between your bodies norms and your new vibration.

There are also a litany of mental changes that accompany this process such as a renewed sense of morality, altruism, empathy/sensitivity, changes in perception, A shift in the way you perceive time, A feeling of connectivity and overwhelming awareness of some higher power or universal consciousness that is ever present, feelings of harmony and balance, A loss of the fear of death, an external rather than internal view of the world and your surroundings, a new sense of appreciation for your surroundings, an overwhelming curiosity for the spiritual aspects of life, non-materialism and a shift away from power and capitalist struggles, internal calm and an ability to simply perceive the present moment, intensified relationships with like-minded vibrations and people, and loss of group and cultural identities.  These are all completely normal.







Spiritual Awakening occurs with a rapid increase in vibration. While this can feel absolutely amazing, and draw you to other people, animals and objects of similar vibrations, it can also have a very adverse reaction. You know those "vibes" you get off of other people that you can't quite explain? They often happen in the more empathetic members of society, but as everyone has inherent psychic abilities, everyone picks up on them at some point in their life. This happens more frequently for you when there is a stark difference in vibration between you and the source of the vibes.  This is quite literally you picking up on the vibration level of others. There is no reason to fear it once you understand it, but more often than not, the higher your vibration rises, the more incompatible it becomes with people who are still locked in lower vibrations.  As a rule, negativity lowers vibration, while positivity raises it.  Our vibrations go through states of flux on a daily basis based on our moods, so it's always best to stay mindful of your thoughts and feelings. There are of course other ways to raise your vibration, including sound therapy and brain entrainment that helps trigger the rise, meditation, exercise, eating more healthily, drinking loads of water and nutritional rich drinks, practicing selfless acts of kindness and serving others without minding the thanks or praise you receive (this sort of expectation often lowers our vibration if it is not met), and just being grateful and appreciative of your surroundings and life. Raising your vibration as much as possible makes the process of awakening easier and more fluid.