What, How, and Why!

The Crystal Trader Program serves two purposes in the Priminial world:  First, as a way to help build Naik's Crystal collection..  Secondly, as a means to allow Priminial owners to get custom Priminials outside of batches, or for a particular stone they like!

The Crystal Trader Program is also a great way for people to get involved in the species, begin a collection or Priminial shop (Priminials can be sold for more than they were originally purchased for, collectors are encouraged to Trade and sell amongst themselves!), get discounts and credit/cash on Priminials... in some situations, even win free Priminials!

Let's get started!!

The Process is relatively simple, it starts with you sending a stone , or group of stones. In contrast to the Genuine Group, all Crystal Trader Priminials are genetically crafted by Legacy from pieces of Primordials she's obtained. This allows for a limited number of multiples per crystal from the Crystal Trader Program. The type of stone you send will dictate the discount/credit you'll receive for the crystal trade.  Please use the following pair of charts to choose the stone and stone form you'd like to build on! Remember, I'm going to be drawing from THE PARTICULAR STONE YOU SEND. This means that if you find a stone that has unique markings you love, it's a perfect candidate!  If you're building a shop, variety packs are a great way to build your foundation!


Due to the nature of discounts and credits within the Crystal Trading Program, there is now a scale for discounts to keep things fair for all parties involved. Stone discounts range from $2-$15, and are received either as a discount on the Priminial created, or as cash/credit upon a Sponsored Priminial's sale.

For those curious as to why this distinction has been made, I'll put it to you this way:

Every stone sent to me receives a discount.  A tumbled stone set of 25 can be purchased on amazon for $12. This means that even by setting tumbled stone limits at $5, you still received $125 worth of credits/discounts. I find this more than fair, and anyone who attempts to haggle or argue about it will be disqualified from the Crystal Trader Program. This program is meant to be mutually beneficial to both parties.

$2 Crystal Forms

These honorable mentions are small and generally inexpensive, but still make for great Priminial muse, as the Geodes are easily turned into other forms, including the ones below. This classification includes beads, chipped crystal, pendulums, pendants, rune stones, roller ball vials and general jewelry items. 













$5 Crystal Forms

The most inexpensive bulk option, Tumbled Stones are fantastic for anyone building a shop or collection! Often available in variety packs, they give a wide array of options in one easy move. This category also includes small crystal clusters and geodes.













$10 Crystal Forms

Encompasses Palm Stones, Small Pyramids, and tumbled stones of ONE specific variety.

(Rather than varieties of single stones).








$15 Crystal Forms

The cream of the crop for Priminial muse, these come in various sizes, styles, and are polished to really show the underlying beauty of the stones design. This includes Pyramids, Wands, Eggs, Points and Spheres. (As well as other larger polished stone carvings and things of the like!





White King Quartz

Rose Quartz


Green Amazonite




Blue Chalcedony


Carnelian Agate

Clear Quartz


Green Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper

Red Carnelian

Black Jasper


Blue Onyx

Purple Agate

Light Blue Apatite



Tree Agate

Picasso Jasper

White Agate

Grey Agate

Tiger Jasper


Leopard Jasper


Yellow Aventurine


Mookaite Jasper

Brecciated Jasper

Senior Stones are all stones that have 2 existing Trader Priminials reserved. If a stone is on this list, Retirement is near!


Rose Quartz







None yet, crystalbug!

With multiples a viable option for the Crystal Trader Program, there becomes an issue of population control on Legacy's end.

Especially in building shops via tumbled stones, there are some stones that are exceedingly common. Essentially, guaranteed in almost every variety pack. Due to this, some limits were applied to the stones coming in via this program.

Here's how this works:

  • Each stone is allowed (3) multiples beyond it's Genuine Priminial

  • After a stone reaches it's limit, it will be Retired

  • Any stones received after they have been retired will be considered donations. In variety packs, they'll simply be removed from your list of options.

The following section allows you to see which stones have been used, which stones are nearing retirement, and which stones have been retired. Please keep these in mind when choosing the stones you send! =D







































Send your stone(s) and figure out your magics!  For every stone you submit, you'll get to decide on Level 1-5 for them.  If you send Variety stones, I'll shoot you a list to help you organize your thoughts!

 PO BOX 402 / KESWICK / VA / 22947


Now for some fun! Once I have your stone in hand, and you've told me what level the Priminial should be, I'll get to work on the art pack!

These are additions to my normal workload, so I'll be cycling through all open Crystal Trade Priminials by Trader, at least once every week or two. This keeps things fair for everyone, and takes some stress off of me for the high demand. Once time lets up, I'll start dedicating certain weekdays to this.

SO. While I'm workin' on that, you'll have to decide what you'd like to do with your Priminial creation! Here are your options!

If you decide you'd like to purchase your Priminial, your stone discount will be applied to the magic Level you decided on. Simple matter of payment, and your pack is all yours!

If you don't want to buy your Priminial, never fear! There is another option! As the stone's Trader, you automatically become it's sponsor. For those wishing to start a shop rather than a collection, this is a great avenue. 

For any stones you decide against purchasing, they'll go up on the sale block alongside the Genuine Priminials as Trader Sponsored.  When this Priminial sells, you prosper! Whatever discount classification your stone fell into will now be returned to you in the form of credit or cash!  (If you choose credit, this can be applied to existing/new Priminials, Batch Selection Auctions, Primordials, and Swag!)












We'll shoot you the dropbox link for your pack... and then, it's time to enjoy your new Priminial!! If you'd like their profile card on the site completed, simply fill out THIS FORM. Or return the Template in your folder to Naik, Sorwyn, or Manzanar.


From time to time, there will be quests in action!

These quests always have some purpose, whether to collect, fundraise, gift, or other. The specific quests will have their details and rewards listed below them! These quests will often have opportunities for unique collectable Priminials, or otherwise unavailable options.

At the conclusion of each quest and it's art rewards, we'll hold a celebratory day in Primavalea!

These days will involve special rewards, raffles, and freebies. All members who were involved in the species will receive a role tag, as well as a Naikstix Exclusive!


As exciting as the stolen Priminial Geodes are to the Legacy Pravda... she's a tinkerer by nature. Replicating and influencing the formation of new Priminials is her true love, and there are a few she desperately wants to bring into her personal family.  Unfortunately, this can only be done when she can manage a trade with a Primordial for the core piece she can use to craft the new Geode, and for the creatures she wants to make this time she hasn't managed to find a suitable swap!

With an entire field full of Genuine Priminial Geodes, straight from Quartz's lab, she's hoping that maybe... just maybe... she might be able to entice a bargain!

The Deetz: There are a grand total of (10) Geodes that Legacy is hoping to craft for herself using crystals from Primordials, in exchange for Genuine Priminials. The first of these was Fluxx, when the Fluorite Primordial became a regular trader.

How It Works: Anyone who sends a sizeable chunk of one of these crystals will receive a Level 1-3 Genuine Priminial of their choosing, in exchange for Naikios keeping the Priminials for the actual stones received.

  • "Sizeable" In this instance refers to $15+ Crystal Form Classifications.

  • Especially large samples may receive Level 4-5 Priminials at the NaikArt Team's discretion.

  • Free Priminial can be an existing Priminial, or any stone that has not already been used in the Genuine list.


SEEKING:  Fluorite, Selenite, Angelite, Tree Agate, Blue Chalcedony, Amazonite, Rutilated Quartz, Shungite, Chrysocolla, Sunstone


Ever the Mad Scientist, The Anachronist has started her work on creating her own Priminialesque Geodes. In comparison to the Genetically formed Priminials of the Crystal Traders Program, these are entirely artificial amalgamations  of Legacy's Crystal and Herbwork.  To create these little masterpiece blends of Pravda sparkle and Priminial base structure (Deemed 'Alcheminials'), she's going to first need to create some Alchemist's Power Pyramids!

The Deetz: The Anachronist needs to create Crystal Pyramids, so that she can create a new offshoot set of Alcheminials!

How It Works:  It's all about the Pyramids! Layered, filled resin, natural, artificial, no matter! Find something along the lines of the references below, send it to me, and you'll receive a custom Legacy Crafted Priminial Exclusive at a Solid $40 price. These Alcheminials will not fall under the magical categories of the typical Priminials, and will all automatically sit at the Rare Level 6.






  • Alcheminials each receive their own particular abilities and magical classifications amongst themselves. Unlike the Priminials, Alcheminials are given names at birth which can be changed upon adoption.

  • This is the ONLY Alcheminial Set which will exist.

  • Card Prints for this set will be edged in Silver Gilt to differentiate their Special Status.

  • Proceeds from these sales are heading towards a rock tumbler and supplies so Naik can polish up all of the raw crystals coming in!

  • Use the Alcheminial channel in the Primavalean Discord Server to see which pyramids were found by other Traders if you want to avoid duplicates!













A Crystal Trader Quest all about the PRIMORDIALS, parent species of the Priminials. The Pravda is out to wake up some friends... and also her long-time Rival! This Quest? A SCAVENGER HUNT!

Objective: Find the item in question, send it along to receive the Primordial listed with whichever discounts are given! All of these Primordials are exclusive ONLY to this program, and will be completed on the new Primordial base, which includes front/back flat colors, As well as a unique clothed pose. Like the other Primordials, artistic freedom remains intact!

(Make sure you warn me, so we can update this list!)

















































( Raw Tumbled Stones )



($20 Off)


( Egg )



($25 Off)


( Palm Stone )



($20 Off)


( Wand )




(HIGHLY detailed Primordial)


THIS CHARACTER HAS SIGNIFICANT SPECIES RELEVANCE, Mad Scientist of the Primordials, Creator of the Priminials



( Mini Pyramid Crystals )



($20 Off)


( Pendulum )



($20 Off)


( Polished Tumbled Stones )



($20 Off)


( Sphere )



($25 Off)


- Iolite : Received

- Sodalite : Received

- White King Quartz : Received

- Rose Quartz : Received

- Amethyst : Received

- Green Amazonite : Received

- Aventurine : Received

- Clear Quartz : Received

- Sunstone: Received

- Green Jasper: Received

- Dalmatian Jasper: Received

- Red Carnelian: Received

- Black Jasper: Received

- Moonstone: Received

- Tree Agate: Received

- Picasso Jasper: Received

- White Agate: Received

- Grey Agate: Received

- Tiger Jasper: Received

- Unakite: Received

- Leopard Jasper: Received

- Garnet: Received

- Yellow Aventurine: Received

- Lepidolite: Received

- Mookaite Jasper: Received

- Brecciated Jasper: Received


- Labradorite : Complete


- Bismuth : Received


- Tree Agate: Received

- Blue Chalcedony: Received

- Carnelian Agate: Received

- Celestite: Received

- Blue Onyx: Received

- Clear Quartz: Received

- Tiger's Eye: Received

- Purple Agate: Received

- Aventurine: Received

- Amethyst: Received

- Light Blue Apatite: Received

- Sodalite: Received

- Moonstone: Received

- Lepidolite: Received

- Citrine: Received

- Tiger's Eye: Received

- Rose Quartz: Received

- Aventurine: Received

- Alexandrite: Received

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