SageBit Explorers comprise the only subscription tier here on The Sagacious Rabbit Project!

This area of the site pertains only to the Spiritual and Exploratory areas of the site, not the Primavalean projects. The Explorer Members are those who want access to extra resources/information, as well as more one on one experiences. This is a title for those who want to go beyond casual viewing of the resources available free on the site.


Explorers will have their own access to a growing catalogue of video explanations and replies,  first priority when it comes to choosing topics and having their questions answered through the SageBit Discord server and have direct connections to Naikios as they explore topics and follow their own journeys through spirituality in all of its forms, in comparison to more general overviews and attentions that appear on the rest of the site. This group will also have access to random opportunities for tangible gifts/raffles along this line, and from time to time, free tarot and oracle readings when they want them! Once the SageBit shop opens, this will extend to a discount on merchandise. In addition to all of this, Explorers will receive early postings for In depth looks into various topics, and rougher background explorations as we investigate them.  At times, we'll also have google hang outs and livestreams which will allow this group to chat directly with Naikios and other people who are interested in the same things!

Explorers receive their own role tag and area in our Discord Server, and will be listed as supporters at the end of all videos published, as well as access to the 'Members' page on this site, where this additional catalogue of resources will live. These resources are available retroactively, so you'll always access to everything that has been posted to Explorers thus far.

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The Explorer tier is a subscription priced at $5 per month.

This fee helps to fund the site as a whole, as well as raffles, gifts, and time constraints on various projects. This 'sponsorship' tier is not designed to be terribly expensive, or alienate people, but rather to distinguish the casual viewers from those who to jump head first into Spiritual Awakening and Discussions, or who would prefer more personal guidance through their exploration.