Curious about why the things that happen in your life happen? Wondering how to handle bad luck/karma? Or maybe you just want to know what the point of reincarnation is?  Take a gander here! If this helps you at all, feel free to leave a comment on the Quick Explorations page!

Incarnations are a crucial part of life which allow your Higher Self to grow to its full potential. Understanding this process and reality makes it far easier to feel calm about the things that happen in your life, and why they happen.

For starters, you CHOOSE to be here in this present time. It holds opportunity for these lessons and experiences that your soul needs on its journey. Almost everything in your life is something you and your Higher Self have set up to help you reach these lessons, along with the help of Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. You choose the people you will be close to, the family you will be born to, the planet/time/dimension and the guides / Angels that will expressly help you along this path before you incarnate.

What does this mean for the things in your life? It doesn't mean that everything is predetermined in regards to outcome. Your Higher Self doesn't know the outcome of these situations until you experience them.

Relationships and events come into your life when you need them, and are ready to learn the lessons attached to them. Things that we perceive as positive or negative ARE these learning opportunities.  As we Awaken, we begin to understand these situations and how they apply to us. To better understand this progression, both in this life and as a whole, I'm going to bring in some information from a resource, and then explain in the most processable form what they mean and encompass. There are 6 stages of consciousness that we need to move through. If we can do this in our present life, we can move onto a new mission or task.

These stages of consciousness are:
1. Life happens to you.
2. Life happens by you.
3. Life happens in you.
4. Life happens for you.
5. Life happens through you.
6. Life is you.

Most people live in the first stage of consciousness until they begin to Awaken. So what do they mean, what is this progression?

The first stage of consciousness is the belief that the positive and negative experiences in your life are happening TO you. This is where the ego comes into play. Your ego keeps you locked in the first stage of consciousness, and it's not until it begins its slow death that we begin to move out of this area. This is a stage that leads to fear, anxiety, guilt, frustration and anger. When a traumatic event occurs in your life, a relationship takes a turn for the worst, or you are confronted by negativity, it is easy to fall into this ego-driven feelings and emotions. Because you are living in your own mind and circumstance at this level, these are things that cause you to feel victimized. You are being wronged, and there is absolutely no reason for it.  Staying in this stage for too long lowers your vibration, and can often lock you in. If this happens, you'll simply reincarnate in a similar circumstance until you get past it and learn the lesson.

The second stage of consciousness is where you begin to understand that you manifest your reality. You cause these occurrences.  This is the area where you begin to move away from the victim feeling, and is usually triggered when you begin to feel sick and tired of being helpless in your own life. This is the point when you start to believe that you can change and control your surroundings on a deep level. Intention begins to take over, and you start to believe that you are in control of your life.  Staying in THIS stage locks you into a deep connection to the material world and dimension. You become so focused on creating reality that you stop experiencing life for what it is. There is a disconnect with your spirit and its goal, instead caring only about this present life and what you can make happen for yourself.

In the third state of consciousness, you let go of both the victim mentality, as well as your need to control everything around you. At this stage, you begin to recognize that most of the things that happen in your life, and the way they make you feel are entirely based on your thoughts and perceptions.  Life isn't the occurrences themselves, but the way you process them. A lot of times, this stage comes with a great deal of empathy, a connection to your surroundings, and a philosophical look at why your emotions present themselves as they do. You begin to look towards the signs and lessons around you, and how your thoughts and reactions apply to them. In this stage, an argument for instance, or a traumatic event, becomes less about immediate reaction, and more about the way you take them in and how your perception can change the result in your own mind. For this state, you begin to realize that life is only what YOU make of it. Negative occurrences and relationships stop feeling like bad luck and victimization, or something to change, and more about learning that you make the choice as to whether these are negative in the first place. Your reality is IN you, and your thoughts dictate the state of your inner self. More over, you understand that there is no reason to apply a negative connotation or perspective to these occurrences, creating a grounded and balanced calm in your spirit and psyche.

The fourth stage of consciousness is where you let go of all of your preconceived notions and begin to realize that everything is happening by intelligent design. This is not a life to be controlled, and you don't need to decide how you perceive it. In this state of consciousness, even negative and traumatic events lose their negative meaning entirely. You begin to recognize that this has happened for you, because there is a lesson for you to learn. You begin looking for the signs in life, and living in the present moment. You begin experiencing life rather than worrying about it. It is what it is. It's a playground made for you to explore and find amazement in. Every experience is beautiful in its own way, and embodies what it means to be human. To this effect, you begin to understand WHY you chose to come here right now. You've chosen this life because you want to experience it. This is more like when you choose to play a video game. For instance, I LOVE the Tomb Raider franchise. Why do I love it? Because it allows me to project myself into a reality I can't live myself. Even the bad things that happen to Lara are things I want to experience, because they're what lead her to her decisions and allow her to grow into herself. This is especially obvious in the first two games of the new franchise. They portray Lara Croft BEFORE she is the Tomb Raider we know. They are her backstory, and show us how she became the way she is.  This is much like this stage of consciousness. We understand and acknowledge that we are here because we WANT to experience life to it's full extent, the good and the bad alike.

For transcendence into the fifth state of consciousness, we must begin to have complete and utter faith in the universe. It's not just something to be experienced and make choices within, it understands what it's doing.  When this stage hits you, every single occurrence in life becomes something to be thankful for. Life is flowing THROUGH you, it is unfolding in just the right way to get you where you need to go. You still have free will and choice over the direction it goes, but at every turn, with every decision, the universe reorients to continue to give you the perfect set of events.

By the time you reach the sixth level of consciousness, you understand your connection to absolutely everything around you.  You ARE life.  The planet, the universe, the people you come in contact with, the animals you surround yourself with (As well as all of the other ones), the plants, the oceans, the sky... It's all you. This is when full blown understanding and compassion appears.  Why wouldn't it? If every person is you, and you are every person, the last thing you would want to do is go and hurt yourself!  You're making it all happen, because it's all you. You helped decide this all. You choose the good and the bad because it's something you WANT to experience. The only thing left is curiosity, wonder, and exploration.  Just like the third level of consciousness makes you want to investigate your thoughts, the sixth level of consciousness has you wanting to explore yourself as a universal whole.

I've long held the notion that the universe and everything in it is part of one giant consciousness, discovering and exploring itself through us all and our experiences. This is kind of like that, except instead of the universe doing it, you ARE the universe.