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After visiting the Pravda home world, Prazna, a particular Mythical Primordial, Quartz, learned of the Pravda sister species. Amazed by the magic that made the Pra'Vos a subservient extension of the Pravda line, the mad scientist returned to her own laboratory to begin work on a Primordial equivalent.

Before long, she had learned to manipulate her own magic enough to break the barriers of known Primordial science, creating a secondary hybrid lineage in the process which she dubbed 'Priminials' for their small size.  While these hybrids share a lot in common with the natural-born Primordials, they were designed as close to Pra'Vos subservience as she could manage, created to be used. While the Quartz Mythical was unable to reproduce the specified bonding magic of the Pravda, the Priminials are bound to their Geode Eggs, which are in turn bound to whoever is in possession of them. Due to this important specification, unlike Primordials, Priminial Geode Eggs can be scaled and carved down into figurines, points or jewelry without killing their creature, allowing them to be made more suitable for their 'owner'. The Priminial generally remains attached to the largest remaining piece of it's Geode. (Special circumstances.)

The Mythical Quartz Primordial created these eggs as power boosters for their original species, so a Priminial in the guardianship of a Primordial has the ability to drastically tip power scales. Different users create different effects with Priminials due to their very nature, so the Primordial had all the makings of a new political super power, able to bribe her way to the top by offering the other Primordials their perfect amplifiers.  Of course, the curious tend to be in competition, and before long the Quartz Mythical's work was discovered by her scientific rival: The Legacy Pravda.  Never a fan of the forced servitude the Pra'Vos were born with, her better sense told her steal the Priminial egg collection before it could be distributed, a task that became a mandate for all following Legacy dawnings, officially making reproduction impossible for the Primordial.

Back in her own dimension, Legacy went to work on the eggs to do what she could. While she did learn to split Geode's into twin creatures safely if necessary, and how to create new unrestricted Geode's out of a shard of crystal from the original Primordial... she could only sever the intense desire to run back to Primordials in the existing set, which she began to slowly release back throughout distant galaxies and times to give the new species it's best chance for survival.

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Priminials are only 6-10 inches typically, connected to their Geode much like a genie to a lamp. While they can freely leave their Geode to roam their surroundings for short bursts of 1-2 hours at a time, they are unable to communicate vocally until their Geode is in the posession of a Guardian. When within their eggs, they can see and hear anything within proximity of their egg, but are incapable of any means of communication until they manifest specifically to a new user. As a defense mechanism, Priminials may choose to remain dormant to avoid dangerous users, however, the moment they choose to manifest they link to the new owner of their Geode. Dormancy can refer to unhatched, sleeping, or hiding Geodes. As Priminials are immortal and sterile like their predecessors, they can remain dormant indefinitely.

When a Priminial links to a new user, they gain the ability to manifest at a full-size stature if they choose, communicate vocally in the language of their owner, and access all of their magical abilities, which become tailored to their Guardian's needs. As long as a guardian is in possession of the Geode, the Priminial stays vigilant and provides a constant stream of effect to the user.

-If a Primordial is in possession of it's particular matching Priminial, magical effects multiply exponentially.

- Magic users are more affected by Priminials than non-magic users.

- All species from the Primordial galaxy are more affected than species that are not! (Primordial, Pravda, Pra'Vos, Nefali).

Priminials are unable to use their magic on their own, and are unable to physical touch Priminial Geode eggs, including their own. This means that they can ONLY be moved by a secondary party and can not aid each other without help.

Priminial magic is defined by crystal encasement on the body, varying over 6 levels. Value tends to be based on this, as higher levels wield more potent magics.  For whatever reason, levels seem totally random in this collection, rather than dictated by universal crystal worth like the Primordials tend to display.

Magic of the Priminials falls into 6 classifications:

Doser: Priminials with the ability to amplify or negate magical abilities.

Aid: Priminials that affect their guardians emotionally or mentally, or give some variety of skill.

Healer: Priminials that can heal mental and physical afflictions and purify their users.

Elemental: The rarest of abilities, only seen in Level 5 and 6 encased Priminials. These are the only Priminials capable of effecting their environment instead of their user directly.

Hybrid: Very rare across the species. Quartz only embedded this trait into Geode's she intended to use, though Legacy managed to embed hybrid magic in the only Geode she grew on her own, from a piece of Fluorite.  Hybrids are the only Priminials that breach classification by wielding more than one magic type.

Dormant: Geodes that are indefinitely asleep or unhatched, so magics are unknown.