One of my FAVORITE explorations has been into pendulums. These are fantastic tools with many purposes, and can be helpful regardless of your spiritual position. It's a bit easier to cover these guys in one sweep, so I probably won't delve into these again for a good while.  While this page can be an intro to anyone interested in pendulums, it is also meant directly as a guide for anyone who purchases a pendulum board from the Swag Fundraiser!

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Pendulums come in many shapes and sizes. The ones that I prefer are crystal based, but this is by no means a necessity. In essence, any small, slightly weighted object on a decent sized chain or string will do. This particular overview is going to focus on crystal pendulums, since these are what are paired with the pendulum boards offered on the site.

As one might imagine, there are as many different types of crystal pendulums as there are crystals! Just as different crystals have different strengths, so do their pendulums... but this doesn't mean that a pendulum made from a healing crystal won't work for dowsing.  What's important is your connection with your pendulum. So long as you clear, charge, and blend your energy into your pendulum, ANY pendulum will work for you!  If you want to strengthen a certain intention, and are used to using pendulums, then having multiple pendulums for different purposes can definitely be helpful.

I'll put a section a little further down about what types of pendulums work well for these purposes, but for now, let's get on to the good stuff!



When a lot of people think of pendulums, they think along the lines of Quija and Spirit boards. This isn't exactly like that. Pendulums work through your subconscious and higher self. At their most basic form, they are used to answer yes/no questions, and reach these answers by reading the tiniest nerve reactions in your fingers, which are generated by your subconscious response to the question.

Why is this important?  Whelp, we'll want to take a little while to talk about your mind.

Your consciousness is broken up into a few different areas: Your conscious mind, Subconscious mind, and Unconscious mind.  While the latter two are very similar and were once thought to be one and the same, there are crucial differences, which we'll go ahead and talk about.

Your conscious mind is the here and now where you live. It involves your present thoughts and actions, the decisions that you're currently making. You have complete and utter control over this aspect of your mind.

Your subconscious and unconscious minds lie beneath this, and both are programmed by memory. While your conscious mind might not remember things that happened a few months ago, these other areas of your mind have perfect recollection of everything that's happened in your entire life. The difference, however, is access. Your subconscious lies right below your present consciousness, and with deliberate intention can be referenced. This includes a lot of input that you might not have realized you were taking in, and for that reason, if you were to get a hypnosis session, this is what is explored. Your subconscious mind sees far more than you expect, taking in input from your surroundings, dreams and feelings.  It is every part of your conscious mind that isn't living in the present moment, and thus is stored out of your way until you need it.

In contrast, your unconscious mind is like... autopilot programming. This is not an area of your mind that you can deliberately access. Unfortunately, it tends to contain less savory content, and since it can't be accessed, seeing its effect requires psychoanalysis into your behavior, past experience and emotions to reach a conclusion on it's influence. This is the part of your mind that remembers every threat you've come across, storing it permanently, and directly influencing your conscious mind, unbeknownst to you. PTSD for instance is an unconscious reaction. Fear, anxiety... these all come from your unconscious mind, using past experience to shape your current viewpoints. These are instinctual and repressed thoughts and emotions.

A lot of times, the parts of your consciousness are visualized as an iceberg. The chunk above the surface is your conscious mind.  Below the surface, but still visible is your subconscious.  That scary unknown expanse deep down in the dark and unseeable depths of the ocean? That's your unconscious. It's there, the bedrock to the rest, but who knows how far it goes or what it looks like?

Now, here's where things get interesting, and depend on your interpretation of reality: Those three aspects of your consciousness are irrefutable, scientifically obvious and provable portions. They exist. That's just the way it is.  If you're not the spiritual sort, it's best to just stop here when talking about pendulums. In this instance, when you use a pendulum, your subconscious mind is using your experiences and knowledge of the universe to guide you to the proper course of action.

However. For the spiritually awakened, there is yet another crucial aspect of our consciousness: Your Higher Self. Alright then, what the heck is THAT? You'll often heard this referred to as the 'Super-Conscious Mind'. While your subconscious and unconscious minds are memory banks, totally reliant on the thoughts, feelings and experiences you've had throughout your life, your SUPER-CONSCIOUS mind is the least accessed and least understood aspect. This part of your consciousness is not limited by your experiences. It is not attached to your physical, mental, or emotional reality in the least. Your Higher Self transcends time, and is part of the universal consciousness.  This part of your consciousness understands that your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious thoughts and feelings are nothing more than a reaction to your environment and surroundings, and due to this, it feels no anxiety, fear, or judgment. For your Higher Self, this life is a fleeting moment in a journey, and whether you choose to acknowledge it or not is entirely up to you, though it always wants you to see and connect with it.  Your higher self has a complete understanding of reality and how it interacts with you. When you start living with your higher consciousness, it's an amazingly liberating feeling.  It pulls you out of your 'every day grind' so to speak, making all of those pesky expectations and fears ultimately moot.  Buuuut we'll do another quick exploration on that, as not to go too crazy on this page. So why the heck am I talking about this crazy extra consciousness here on the pendulum page?
Simple! Because if you're in touch with your Higher Self, your pendulum work will not only pull from your subconscious mind, but also from your super-conscious mind, which is also able to channel all sorts of other spiritual guidance through itself. From spirit guides to angels to ancestral guides and loved one's, when you're open to your Higher Self, all of these have the opportunity to influence your pendulum use. So, something to think about if you want to delve into a more ... let's say 'cosmic view' on your pendulum.


Alrighty, so you understand now where your pendulum is going to be getting its information. Now we're ready to get to it. First things first, nab yourself a pendulum! You can either choose your own (Check out that lil' list at the bottom if you want some help), or maybe you're gifted one! I find that I have an incredibly personal connection with the pendulum that I didn't purchase myself. I can't explain why that is, it's simply the case. Once you have your pendulum, you'll need to clear, charge and program it with your energy.

There are tons of ways you can clear and charge a pendulum, just like any other crystal. There are entire books on using sunlight, the earth, etc. etc. But honestly, I go with the easiest method: Selenite. Selenite, also referred to as 'Liquid Light', is quite possibly the most useful crystal in existence in my opinion. Not only does it cleanse energies, but in comparison to other cleansing crystals... it doesn't hold it. There's never a need to 'clear' selenite. The best bit? It has the ability to not only clear, but also charge other crystals.  For this reason, you'll often see Selenite charging plates, which are simply flat sheets of selenite that you can sit your other crystals on top of.  All it takes is a few hours with some selenite  and you're good to go. (It works just as well on people! Selenite can quite literally be used like a lint roller for your energy, I definitely suggest trying it. If you're skeptical about the metaphysical power of crystals, give yourself a once over with a selenite wand. The first time I tried it out, I came out the other side feeling like I was perched at the top of a mountain, breathing in nothing but fresh, clean air.)

Once you've gotten your pendulum all cleared out, just... sit with it. Hold it in your hands for a while and let it get a feel for you. I don't suggest doing this when you're in a bad mood, or if you're feeling particularly overrun with negativity. That's just bad juju that you don't want to go programming into something that's supposed to help you. Once you feel nice and comfortable with it, it's time to program it.

Every pendulum works differently. This isn't just for different people... I mean every PENDULUM. I have 5 or 6 that I use, and every single one reacts differently.  As long as you program it, and know how it acts, you'll be fine! (Just... might want to make yourself a note if you have pendulums that work in opposite fashions, so that you don't accidentally take backwards advice!) What you'll want to do, is hold your pendulum by the end of its chain. You might want to put your arm down on something to stabilize it, but it's ultimately not necessary. Be incredibly still, and let the pendulum come to a complete stand still (obviously, it needs to be hovering in the air for it to work!).  Now, the key is to not focus on the answer. You want your conscious mind to tune out as much as possible, so especially when you first start using one, it's almost best to focus on something else while your pendulum goes to work on your question. I don't suggest staring at it while it's trying to work until you know it's programmed and are comfortable with it, because there's always an air of doubt in the beginning.
 Think of a yes or no question that you already know the answer to. Simple stuff, like "Am I woman?", "Am I x years old?", "Do I have a dog?", etc.  You could also just start by asking it to show you 'yes' or 'no'.  Pendulums have many directions they can move, personally, mine format their yes/no answers by swaying back and forth in straight lines for one, and rotating in circles for the other. Some people pay mind to the direction of the rotations, but that's entirely based on what you see, and what makes you comfortable.  When you ask a question, look at what the pendulum does.  Now ask another question with the same answer.  It may take it a bit to figure itself out, so you simply want to keep asking different questions with this answer until you're getting consistent results. Then try out questions with the opposite answer and repeat the process. Once you reach the point where your pendulum is getting all of these simple questions correct, you can start branching out to more substantial questions that you're not as clear of the answer on.  Through use, you'll learn to trust your pendulum, and can slowly start to use it for all sorts of questions. In cases where even your pendulum doesn't know how to reply to your question, it'll just go all randomlike. Best to rephrase the question, or give it a break at that point.  Additionally, you'll notice that sometimes the movement is SO blatant, that it's almost like the pendulum is screaming the answer at you in a rather emphatic manner. It's useful to pay special attention to those.


No two pendulum boards are alike. Some are big, some are small, and the information on them can differ vastly. Sometimes it's general information, sometimes they look more like some crazy wheel of fortune board with different mantras on each little wedge. It really depends, and what you use is whatever you connect with! I'm a multipurpose type of girl, and so the ones you'll find on my site cover a range of topics and replies. On mine, you'll find that side one gives your pendulum access to the Alphabet, Numbers, Days of the Week, and Moon phases. The opposite side gives time of day, direction, and the more typical Yes/No/Possibly/Rephrase options. (When using the latter, it will override your pendulums normal function in favor of swaying back and forth towards the reply it wishes to give.)  It's still best to make sure it's connecting properly to whichever board you're using, so you may want to repeat  your programming steps on the Yes/No answers just to be on the safe side.

I prefer to not make my pendulum work TOO hard, so I like smaller boards myself. For this reason, the ones I offer are 6" spheres. I find that this makes it a bit easier to read what the pendulum is trying to say. To use these, all you need to do is let your pendulum come to a stand still, hovering over the center of the board. Ask your question, as usual, don't go thinking too hard about some reply you WANT to get, as that will absolutely influence it's reply. Simply ask the question, and keep your mind open. Chances are, your pendulum is going to start doing the circle dance for a bit, let it! Eventually, it'll start to move towards a specific reply. I suggest giving it a bit once it does this, because sometimes it'll change its mind before settling, and you don't want to cut it off too soon.  Holding a piece of clear quartz can help amplify and bring clarity to your pendulum work if you're feeling like giving it some extra oomph!

Easy, right?  Since I'm one of those people that connects to my higher self as well as my subconscious when using my pendulums, I accept that spiritual side of things.  That involves the need for some psychic protection. While I have that on constant lock from the Rainbow Obsidian I wear at all times, I also find it important to work into my boards. For that reason, all of mine have the Archangel Raziel seal right smack in the middle of the main side. You may also see an Archangel Michael brand on boards created by others who like to do this as well. While he's known for protection, my energies work more closely with Raziel, who is known for his work with helping to navigate intuition. For that reason, it simply makes more sense for me to use him as the protection from bad mojo on my boards. :)

choosing a pendulum.png

A little bit about different crystals in pendulums to help you get started:

As I mentioned earlier, the most important thing about choosing your pendulum is how you connect to it. You don't necessarily want to choose a pendulum just because you think it's pretty. Don't get me wrong, that CAN work... but it's all about the feel.  That's just a lil' opening statement before I get into this next bit. Here are some ideas for pendulums that are particularly awesome, and why!

Clear Quartz: You can never go wrong with a Clear Quartz pendulum. Quartz pendulums help to amplify your intentions, while simultaneously bringing clarity and cleansing into the mix. Like all quartz though, their ability to absorb and amplify energy means that you'll want to clear and charge them regularly, so their energy doesn't get all muddied up.

Amethyst / Labradorite / Ruby Fuchsite / Fluorite: These are probably my favorites when it comes to a more spiritual connection. They all help to strengthen intuition and psychic abilities, working directly with the Third Eye Chakra.  If you're trying to connect your Higher Self to your pendulum use, these are fantastic options.

Rose Quartz / Emerald / Ruby Fucshite: If you prefer to work with your heart chakra, and things that involve the heart, these guys are where it's at. Now... Ruby Fuchsite is a bit of a makeshift here. Ruby itself is one of the chief love stones in existence, but as you might imagine... getting a ruby pendulum... not exactly easy, and would be terribly expensive.  This is why Ruby Fuchsite is such an amazing option. It consists of Ruby IN Fuchshite, making it multifunctional.

Lapis Lazuli / Kyanite / Sodalite / Moonstone: Maybe you're looking for something more in the vein of 'wisdom of the universe', or trying to strengthen your connection to your personal intuition and knowledge? Here are some great choices! In most cases, if it's blue, it's going to fit this bill.

Black Tourmaline / Selenite / Fluorite:  If you have a more chaotic energy and need some grounding and balance mixed into your pendulum work, these three stones will help immensely. You'll want to clear your black tourmaline pendulums pretty frequently, because they absorb ALL of the bad stuff for you... But then there's Selenite. Grab yourself a selenite pendulum and you'll never have to worry about the upkeep.

If you can, I suggest attaching your most beloved/most used pendulum to a necklace or something of the like, as I've done here. The longer it stays with you, the more your energy will connect with it!  Anyhoo! Happy dowsing! =D