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​​​​​​Hello there, and welcome to a very special section of the Sagacious Rabbit Project! As a commissioned artist in the anthro community, one of my absolute favorite things to create over the years has been Original Species. As the greater majority of my artwork and characters are created for use in various MMORPGS (Mass Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games), I get to enjoy not only design, but the creation of full blown universes, each with their own personality and physics... worlds entirely at my own rule. To date, I have two universes that hold about 12 species, as I love to mix and mingle storylines in an effort to build a solid foundation for players to explore. These include the Seregonian Universe (home to the Draconian, Son'Rashiidian, Te'Sorthenian, Nargathrodian, Arcondelian and Tamurilian species), and the Pravda Universe (home to the Pravda, Primordials, Pra'Vos, Egomotai and Nefali species, as well as a subset of mini-species created within the Legacy Journals Project).

Now, I'd like to invite you to the newest generation! It has always been my intention to bring the Primordials along on the ride to SageBit as a means of staying attached to my anthro roots, while also being true to my identity as a character builder and artist.... but I wanted to mold in the newer things I've learned and grown into along the way in order to create something that could stay with me, and speak for my particular brand of character design. In the end, everything fell into place perfectly and I am glad to release this immersive long-term mixed-media project throughout the life time of the Sagacious Rabbit Project to help keep me fed! I hope you enjoy these shiny new Pint-Size Primordials: The Priminials!