Hello World! It's meeee! I liiiiiveeee!!

A lot of big changes are coming up in the next few weeks and months, as I'll finally be rotating back to full-time art. While I will be returning to the art scene, it'll be a good while before I'm fully open. Even with last year's stimulus to help me purge queue items, the die hard fans seem more interested in waiting for my butt than taking their monies, which means I've got plenty to keep me busy.  Starting April 1st (Or the week prior, depending on my final 2 weeks of work scheduling), I'll be on a scheduled weekly rotation for queue work and other projects I've been conceiving while away. At this point, there will only be one commissionable slot available per week, which will be a first come - first serve, reservation style spot worth no more than $100. These will be scheduled out on Monday's, with commission payment due on the set reserved day before work begins. All other days have been given to maintenance of my species, queue work, and other projects.

Other changes to be aware of: After the sale listed below, My commissions will also charge tax, and a percentage to cover paypal fees.  This is due to my business officially being listed as self-employment, and also being claimed on taxes. Tips and random gifts will no longer be allowed on invoice payments, so please be aware of this, and make sure to send anything like this as a Friends and Family situation. :)

On another note, before I get to the aforementioned sale... SO MANY OF YOU HAVE MESSAGED ME WELL WISHES. Holy crap. It's overwhelming. I love ALL of you immensely, but it's going to take me a bit to get back to you while I get my stuff straight so that I can properly serve you. Thank you so so so much for all of your support and patience. It's been a long time since I came back from a hiatus not feeling like I was in trouble for being away, let alone getting the constant updates and check ups I've gotten from you all this time. I can't thank you enough; without all of you, I'd continue working an unsatisfying job, rather than knowing there is an audience for my manic brain that loves my little creations. <3 <3 <3



Alrighty. Time to get to this sale.

But Naik... you said... only one commission a week! What do you mean by 'sale'?

Whelp, two things. First off, my butt has to pay my rent. Right now, I'm in the midst of a 10 day quarantine from work due to my seasonal damnation cough... annnnnnnnd the only other person who lives here? Not sick... but quarantined out of work simply because I am. Lovely ain't it? Which means, Naik gots to work her little butt off so she can keep a roof over her head! =D

Reason two: This gives you all an open call chance to snag some stuff before prices go up and the lock down begins.  This will be the ONLY opportunity like this for 3-5 months prospectively. (Might be a bit longer, maybe a little shorter, we'll see!)


More classic chibi than what I've customarily done, which are more like Disney/Pixar characters. XD


+$5 for Complex Characters / Wings


Annnnnd ... a regular go to. The monochromes!  These can be done in any color, or with a rainbow gradient. Color can also be added for a bit extra.

Headshot: $15

Bust: $20

Full Body: $25

+$5 for Complex Characters / Wings

+$10 For Color


Art Rules First!

These one's aren't so bad. I'll allow humans for SPRITE CHIBIS if you insist, but keep in mind they're not my strong suit and they might come out looking ridiculous, so order at your own risk! As usual, please avoid them for monochromes, as I detest attempts to draw realistic humans. :) That's it for this one!

Timeline + Commission Rules

THIS SALE IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL FRIDAY.  It is the FINAL opportunity for commissioned art in a nonreservation capacity for a long while. You can purchase as little or as much as you wish, but you MUST do it before the form vanishes on Friday.

This sale will be worked on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday night this week, followed by off days from work the following week. The first week officially off of work will be a catch up week for any straggling pieces before my actual schedule begins.  Orders will be placed on a first-come first-served basis. This means if you are one of the first to get their order in, you're likely to get it by the end of the week. If you're one of the last, it'll likely be up to 3 weeks. For the sake of your sanity, only order if you're okay waiting 3 weeks! Thanks! :)

((As a thank you to the die-hard crazies always looking around for updates, this particular update isn't being publicly announced until the last day of the sale. This gives y'all a chance to hit the first spots! ^^))