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Priminial adoption is a bit different from Primordial sales, as this species is mixed media! Anyone is welcome to purchase a Priminial for RP only if they wish, so long as they are aware of the other areas their Priminial will be used!

Upon purchase of a Priminial, you will become not only it's owner, but it's Sponsor. This means that you will be listed as a credit on all printed items that involve your Priminial. Not only that, but there will be prizes for anyone who promotes their Priminial in the upcoming SageBit MerchShop!  The first batch of Priminials will be available permanently in the MerchShop as the 'Priminial Chakra Set' upon printing into cards. Cards will be professionally printed at standard Tarot Size with Gold-Gilted edges for collectors purposes, and will be multi-functional as a sort of 'Priminial Oracle Deck' that is ever expanding!  More Priminials will be released whenever I have the muse or need, as they will be funding my life until SageBit opens while I'm working on my queue. After every 25 released and purchased, a new expansion set will be printed and released in the MerchShop.

To give you an idea of card design and the type of items these will be used on:


PRIMINIAL COSTS: Level 1 ($30) Level 2 ($40) Level 3 ($50) Level 4 ($60) Level 5 ($70) Level 6 ($80)


Generally speaking, Priminials will be released in batches of 3-5. In order to give people a way to get involved with the choosing of stones in a fair way, there will be auctions held prior to any batch release. These will be mini auctions with low bidding limits, the winner of which will receive:

-The Ability to choose the stones I use in the upcoming batch. (Artistic Freedom Remains for Magic Abilities and Levels, Breed Construction and color palettes!)

-A Full Color Unshadowed view of the Batch before upload to the public.

-First chance at the Priminial batch. You can buy all of them, one of them or none of them! If none tickle your fancy, you can just go use your knowledge of what they look like to help friends make their decisions!

-Receive credit on the card pack itself for your amazing decision making skills to mark your place as a project sponsor!

-Be entered in a long term raffle for a free Collectors card set when we hit 75 cards!

Choice Auctions will be announced randomly and last for one week spans!  The corresponding batch will be completed within a month.  Starting bid will always be set at $5 in these auctions, with increasing increments of $1.  If no one bids, it's no problem! I'll just choose random or themed stones! ^^


The Primordials have always been one of my absolute favorite creations.. they allow me to unleash all of the crazy muse in my head to a creature that I think truly sums up who I am as an anthropomorphic artist. Because of this, I desperately want anyone who purchases a Priminial to have the same opportunity to connect to the project by making it immersive!

When you purchase a Priminial, you will receive:

-The Art Pack: This includes your Geode Egg + Color Palette Transparent, Transparent Priminial Image, Card Poster Display, Poster only display (backgrounded, minus stats) and a 10% discount on purchases from the MerchShop once it opens!

-Sponsorship Status as well as ownership of your Priminial.  Even if you sell your Priminial, you will retain sponsorship status for it's original purchase on all items relating to that Priminial as long as it has Merchandise in rotation. All sales for items involving your Priminial will be tallied, and for every $100 worth of Merchandise sold you will receive a $15 credit. This credit may be used in the MerchShop, on other Priminials, in a Priminial Choice Auction OR towards a new evolution on the Priminial. For these people only, the option for a Level up is available, making upgraded Priminials the rarest rating. They will receive their own special designation on cards for owners who choose to do this.  Price of upgrade will depend on Priminial  level. Upgrades can only happen one level at a time!