Synchronicity is a very important thing to understand and pay attention to when you're either on your way to a Spiritual Awakening, in the throws of one, or even past this Awakening.  These do vanish at times, but when this happens, it often means that you're not in need of guidance at the present time. If this is helpful to you in any way, feel free to leave a comment on the Quick Explorations page!

Synchronicity is one way your Higher Self communicates with you, and more so, a way that it calls to you for attention.  There is a saying, "We live our life unconsciously, only becoming conscious when we accept and welcome our Higher Self".  What is meant by this is simply that we have little context for our lives, and tend to believe things in our life are happening TO us until we come to recognize our higher self and its guidance.   So what is synchronicity?  In the simplest of terms, it is a set of seemingly unrelated coincidences. It's important to differentiate this from simple coincidence though, as those exist in the world as well.

Synchronicity manifests itself in different ways for each person, with the options for how it may do so being more or less unlimited.  It will always happen in a way that speaks to you directly, as its entire intention is to get your attention. Some examples for how this may manifest include numbers and times, music, or signs and omens (sometimes very literally).  Other examples of this may include things out of the ordinary that lead you in strange ways, or when you're having trouble with a concept and are suddenly confronted by a random stranger that seems to be answering your inquiries by total chance.  In essence, synchronicity is anytime you get that overwhelming feeling that the universe, spirit guides, angels or your higher self are trying to lead you or pull you in, or is giving you exactly what you want/need in the most random of ways.   Most of the time, this is obvious when it happens, as you will feel it on a very deep level.
To distinguish this from everyday coincidence, you want to look at the outcome. If  you're looking for some answer or clarity on an issue, and a friend, loved one or colleague happens to bring this or a similar topic up the next day, this is usually coincidence. On the contrary, if you're thinking "I need this thing/event/change in my life", and are suddenly confronted by that specific thing, or signs/omens that lead you directly to the answer, this is typically synchronicity.  Think of it like... for instance, you feel like you need a change of scenery or to move to a different city, and suddenly you start seeing billboards, magazine articles, conversations, news or an opportunity to move to a specific city (All the same one though, not helter skelter things), that is the synchronicity leading you exactly where you should go next. It doesn't force it because of free will, it simply shows you what has the best chance of filling that void and helping you progress.

Here are some examples of random synchronicity from my own life. Some synchronicity in my life also acted as breadcrumbs to different topics and mindsets, so those will go into their perspective sections on the site. Obviously I can't go into all of it, because there has been a ton, and a lot of it I don't remember off the top of my head, but these are ones that I have easy reference and examples for:

Of all of the forms of synchronicity I've personally experienced, the most dominant come from numbers/times, music, and a manifestation through my creative endeavors. (This last group is the eeriest in my opinion).  Keep in mind that there are MANY types of synchronicity, and I'm sure down the line when I delve more deeply into topics, I'll do a less personal and more general guide for people who are looking into it.  

The one I want to start with is numbers, and their overall importance in synchronicity, because they're one of the most classic and widespread synchronicity examples out there. For me, It started with 428 in its various forms, 11:11, and 12:34.

If you start seeing 11:11 everywhere you look, your Higher Self is essentially screaming at you to wake the hell up. You'll find a billion articles and youtube videos on this one, because it's probably the most wide spread of them all.  You might remember as a kid that there was a whole thing about "When you see 11:11, make a wish!" Whelp, there is some spiritual basis for this. Anytime you see this number, either as a time, or just in general, (111 works as well), you should pay close attention to what you're thinking, because it will almost certainly manifest for you physically. Hence the wishing. I should point out that this does not mean you should go and wish for a million dollars. Materialism doesn't blend very well with spiritual awakening, as it's unnecessary, and if anything, does the opposite. The more material you make your life, the less you're focusing on your soul's development. Think more towards enlightenment, or something you need in your life to make you happier, more balanced, or more connected to the universe as a whole, not the fabricated constructs around you that your spirit doesn't care about.  Above all things, seeing this number constantly is a call to awakening. It wants  you to understand that the universe is you, and you are the universe. It's in you, and this is why you can manifest your thoughts and feelings physically. This isn't all about manifestation though. 11:11 is also a signal of angelic or guide presence/intervention, and for many, this is the main focus. The meaning is generally the same, except sometimes... you're being led there specifically by a deceased loved one, spirit guide, Ascended Master, or angel.

K, onto the next one, 12:34, or any progression of numbers like it.  Seeing any number sequence like this on repeat signifies steps. A journey. Progress that you should start trying to make. I'm not gonna say too much about this one, because it's pretty self explanatory. Again, pay attention to what you're thinking about, because it almost certainly pertains to that.

Last, for me personally it's 428, but for you it may be your birthday or some other sequence of numbers that resonates with you. This also shows up out of order for me, especially as 2:48. The meaning is always the same, but these pop up so much for me that it's absolutely startling. It's become so frequent at this point that anytime I see it, I stop to consider what I'm thinking about, and look for the meaning, because there usually is one. This has always been my favorite sequence of numbers. I mean, why not? If you can't love the day you were born on, maybe there's something wrong? That whole 'love yourself' thing I suppose. You can see this love reflected in a lot of the things I do. For instance, the Legacy Pravda's Lumora ghosts 4:28 (If you're not familiar with the Pravda or their terminology, this just means that when she eventually dies, it'll be at 4:28. Must be nervous around that time of day, huh?), I also always put her time at 4:28, and any other clock you see depicted in my art... 4:28. Of course, these are purposeful actions simply because of the connection I have to them.  So let's look at some freak occurrences.

A recent and incredibly sad one happened back on August 25th of this year, when my lifelong hero, John McCain passed away. The first report I read explained that he had died at 4:28. It made me take a close look at all the reasons I had idolized him in the first place, mostly being his sense of morality and selflessness, constantly trying to serve the world around him.


In tarot, especially the First Light Tarot deck, the cards that show up in all of my personal readings are those with numerical values that correspond. Taking a brief look at the meanings on the cards gives an amusing indication. These are all things that reflect in my life as either present or necessity.


Or maybe here, if we look into music. Two of my favorite songs of all times, as they resonate on an incredibly deep level, these are situations I never realized until searching timestamps to satiate my own OCD fascination with making my process videos 4 minutes and 28 seconds long.

These last three fall a bit more into the Angelic section, but this is only because I came to realize that that realm specifically reaaaaaaally wanted my attention.  The most recent occurrence was in trying to pick up links for the Deck section on the Tarot Quick Exploration. A random glance to the right and whoop. There it is again. Didja catch it?


Or this one. Something I hadn't noticed until I was re-watching the Supernatural series very recently with my boyfriend, who went and got into it after I'd finished the damn thing. In Season 4, my favorite story line of the series begins, and with it, the introduction of the only character I've ever loved as much as, or possibly more than, David Tennant's 10th Doctor in Doctor Who: Castiel. An Angel. The hindsight on this one made me laugh, as it seems it was trying to point itself out to me even then.Yep. Can't help but get a laugh when you realize that the home of your favorite angel's vessel lives HERE. Even more amusingly, the house follows the same color aesthetic that I painted my last in, as well as that of my favorite house in existence across the street from where I live, which I only realized has a 428 based address a week or two ago.


The last instance of Angelic synchronicity is the one that enters into all of my Angel Oracle Personal Readings, acting as a constant comfort that this Archangel is paying attention to my requests for guidance and my personal needs. While he has 4 cards allotted to him, The number of these cards that pop into a reading can be anything from one to all 4. Conveniently, these are again all topics that resonate very distinctly in my life.


A different form of synchronicity happened in my creative work, completely unbeknownst to me until  a few months ago. This one really just cemented my belief that our subconscious and Higher Self try to tell us what we already know.

Before I had a firm grasp on the nature of the universe around me, I created the Pravda. I don't think I realized that I was starting to manifest my mutating viewpoints on reality and spirituality into their design. Of course, my personal Pravda is the Legacy Pravda. She originates from the Indigo family, the Ixeshas (Literally Time in the Xhosa Language). This family is known for their ability to travel unhindered through time and space to a far greater degree than the other families. The Pravda as a species have a form of reincarnation that is a bit different. For starters, they are physical embodiment of stars.  When a Pravda dies, they are sent to Zerzura, an alternate dimensional plane where the Mirage Pravda aids them in selecting the next star which will incarnate into their body. The Pravda decides the appearance their former body will reorient itself into to best suit their successor, and has a couple weeks where they work with this new star, imparting knowledge and mentorship that will ultimately be forgotten and turned into a subconscious/unconscious programming on the new Pravda when it 'Dawns' into their body. The newly deceased Pravda then returns to the universe back into its sentient star form.  Legacy is the only Pravda who can move in and out of this realm consciously in incarnate form, and thus knows the nature of their universe.


 A year or two later as I started down the Spiritual Awakening path, I came to understand the nature of the Higher Self and reality as a whole. I was more than a little taken aback by the eerie similarities to the species I had already created.  For starters, our Higher Self as I've mentioned before resides outside of time and space in a different dimension than the one we experience life in. Regardless of this fact, our Higher Self is in fact US, in a far off and unimaginable future, which has the ability to look back into each of our incarnations. Whenever we ask it for aid, it provides it, and can even add lifetimes into the mix. It's entire purpose is progression of the soul, and by guiding us through experiences, it gains the same knowledge, which it can use to guide both past and future forms from that we are currently in. Our Higher Self sets up each of our incarnations based on what we need to learn. Sound a bit familiar?


You may also be drawn to the color similarities between this character, and the Archangel cards for Raziel as well, which could be looked at as a form of synchronicity leading me in that direction. That's open to interpretation.

Furthermore, there is a variety of soul known by a few different names, such as 'Star Seed', 'Light worker', 'Wanderer' or 'Indigo'.  These are souls of a slightly higher vibration that choose to incarnate into this time and space with the goal of serving humanity in some way shape or form, existing to promote happiness and higher vibrations in those around them. These souls receive the name Wanderer due to the concept that they often originate in different dimensions, and different places in the universe, choosing to come to the current earth dimension for the sake of aiding others, while gaining experiences that can only be learned here.  There are tons of resources for these online, and I definitely suggest checking them out if they resonate with you. For my personal experience, I couldn't help but be amused. I'll get to those sometime in the future.