A topic that is crucial to your Spiritual Awakening is that of your Higher Self.  Connecting to this aspect of yourself, and knowing what it is will bring a sense of clarity and comfort to your life.  If this helps you in any way, feel free to leave a comment on the Quick Explorations page!

The Higher Self, sometimes regarded as your Super-Conscious mind, is a part of yourself that lives outside of your internal consciousness. While the various parts of your consciousness revolve solely around your personal experiences, thoughts and memories as they occur in your present life, your Higher Self transcends time and space and has access to ALL of your lives. This is the part of your being that understands the nature of the universe and how it influences and guides you. It can see through your entire soul journey, and recognizes that everything that happens in your life is part of an intelligent design. Because of this, your Higher Consciousness acts without ego, fear, anxiety, or judgement, because these are all unnecessary as a whole, and are things that come into being in our personal lives with the addition of each life's ego. For this consciousness, there is no right or wrong, only lessons and love. Through this, it watches each of your lives and helps to shape the next based on what you need to continue on your path.

Due to the law of free will, your Higher Self will not intervene beyond subtle signals unless you expressly ask it to. Each decision you make and lesson you learn is automatically applied to your Higher Self, which is also on a spiritual journey and because of this, it is ALWAYS willing to help you. In fact, it happens to be it's whole mission. Your higher self exists within the 7th dimension, the same dimension that the Angelic realm exists in.  Your soul is on a journey to join this Angelic realm whose entire existence is so high of a vibration of love and light that its only "job" is to help guide and protect the beings in lower dimensions progress. Your Higher Self is YOU in a far distant and completely unimaginable future, and when it reaches the 7th dimension, it's not quite at that Angelic level. Before it can reach this state, it has a lot of work to do.  In order to do this, and progress it's own spiritual journey to raise it's vibration into this state, it's method becomes looking back into it's past to guide both your own and your other incarnations journey.  Because every decision and lesson is automatically absorbed and known by your Higher Self... your progress is important to your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self also has the ability to add and set up NEW incarnations along it's timeline to gain certain knowledge and experiences.

There is a certain freedom that comes from connecting to your Higher Self. If you know that you've already reached this level of progress in the distant future, and there is a version of yourself that is now in the position to help you in the now, a lot of anxiety about your own progress dissolves. This allows you to understand that your only task is to live in the present moment, experience this life that is an opportunity that was bestowed on you, and that you have already succeeded in growing into this dimension. Connecting with your Higher Self can have some interesting effects on your life, most commonly in the form of insomnia. This is because you are, in effect, perceiving multiple states of your own consciousness at the same time. Since your subconscious tends to take over as you are attempting to fall asleep, this is the most active time for these consciousnesses to connect with each other (the same with meditation). There is however a great sense of calm and understanding that comes with this overlap. When you become incredibly connected, you may also begin to feel the overlap of past and present lower/slightly higher vibration versions of your consciousness. This is simply an opportunity to better understand your personal soul journey.