Most who follow me probably already know that we've been having a great deal of difficulty with our living situation for a very long time, from flooding and plumbing issues, to roofing issues, utilities breaking left and right, heating/cooling troubles, garbage internet that we seem to lose for at least a few days a month, etc.   This reached it's peak last November when we went a good month without water.  Due to the breed of my pup and the nature of mine and my boyfriend's work, moving hasn't been a feasible option in the past, however, our lease has finally come due again, and the relocation of some friends for the next 5 years has presented a way out of this for us. Unfortunately, this is a fairly sudden development, originally requiring us to move on August 1st, and me to get together a large sum of money to afford. We've dragged this out to September 1st, hoping that no one else swipes it from under us in the next month, but this still leaves the need to raise the necessary money to cover security deposit, moving costs, and the difference between rent here and what we'll be paying there.


In order to accomplish this, I'm liquidating all of my Furcadia Lifers, all Swag / Jewelry items I have left over, devoting all of my SQS funds to the move, and have also gotten together a load of Priminials for fundraising with the help of the wonderful Cherry Pepsi who helped to select the stones for the batch!



Below, you can find all of these items, as well as a list of the upcoming Priminials at the very bottom of the page.







A few notes:


Most shipped orders will have a $7 shipping cost, all orders being shipped via flat rate shipping.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the Pendulum boards, and fragility of the Talisman bottles, if you wish to purchase one of EACH, the shipping will require a larger box that can accomodate the needs of both items. In these cases, and for the 2 large swag boxes offered at the bottom, shipping will cost $14.


Beyond these conditions, most everything else can be shipped in clusters for the lower shipping cost.


Priminials will be released in the typical fashion, but if you have 100% interest in a particular stone before it becomes available, you're welcome to get in touch with me to reserve it and bump it to the start of the uploads.


If you are interested in any of the items below, lifers/items/priminials, please contact me via discord at Naikios #4288, or via email at .



As of August 1st, all orders (excluding Priminials) will receive 30% off their total order when invoiced!

$10 minimum Orders

+ Shipping Charges Remain the Same +


Furcadia Lifer Digos for sale, all automatically tradeable.

$10- Rabben x 2

$10- Flooki x 2

$10- Chinchilla

$10- Flynx

$10- Mecha-Kiwi

$10- Ghostie

$10- Snowfurre

$10- Hedgen

$10- Raffen

$10- Harten

$10- Flynx

$10- Anthro Raccoon

$20- Lemurkin

$25- Jackalope

$35- Ferian Dragon


$3 each in two designs:    (3) Legacy Spacescape  //   (3) SageBit Logo



These 2.5" bottles function as cute decor trinkets, or functional talismans, depending on the recipient's views. Each is made with specific ingredients for a desired effect, and can be displayed as is or added to a piece of jewelry.


$5 each, or $20 as a set:

Shown Left to Right

Grounding - Wisdom- Legacy Inspired  (Relaxation) - Love - Adamas Inspired (Purity)



Grounding: 5 - Wisdom: 2 - Legacy: 1 - Love: 4 - Adamas : 1


These Palm Stones are made of Mexican Onyx, a protective stone that shields from negativity and helps to ground and stabilize it's user.  Due to this, they are commonly called 'worry stones', and can be used to help with a variety of issues.



$8 each, 5 available (shown above).



Ranging from 1.5" to 3", nearly all of these are different designs, mounted on standard corded leather with lobster clasps. Each necklace is $9.

Options: Love - Memory - Heart (2) - Journey - Life - Secret - Dreams (SOLD) - Wordless (SOLD)


This Chakra Bracelet features 7 chakra stones, as well as Howlite, Hematite and Lava beads, making it perfect for grounding and balancing.  $9 each, 3 available.

Card Set.png

The original Chakra Priminial Card set, with the addition of the Crystal Trader Fluorite card! These cards are standard tarot size with gold gilted edges, now available for $9 each! 8 sets available.


Assorted Crystal Pendant Necklaces, each designed to support and enhance the crystal it's built around. To make them adjustable to their wearer, these feature braided cords that can simply be tied to the appropriate length.

Each necklace is $12, though there are 8 options:



A : Lapis Lazuli : SOLD

Featuring Chrysocolla and Lava beads



B: Turquoise : SOLD

Featuring Howlite, Aventurine and Turquoise beads



C: Tiger's Eye: SOLD

Featuring Lava and Glass Beads



D: Malachite

Featuring Aventurine beads



E: Onyx

Featuring Chrysocolla and Green Jasper beads


F: Opalite

Featuring Chrysocolla, Opalite and Snowflake Obsidian beads


G: Rose Quartz

Featuring Howlite, Aventurine and Lava beads


H: Amethyst (2)

Featuring Howlite and Aventurine beads


These necklaces are crafted on braided wax cord and open ended for adjustability, featuring Chrysocolla, Snowflake Obsidian and Lava beads around a Peacock Ore sample bottle. Peacock Ore is a stone of happiness and acceptance that works wonders on the chakra system and stimulates adrenaline and energy while showing off a slew of gorgeous colors from blues to greens and purples.


Each necklace is $13, with 4 available.


Crafted on braided wax cord and open ended for adjustability, the main focus of these necklaces is a Labradorite pendant bead, complimented by Lava Stone, Hematite and Chrysocolla. Labradorite is an incredibly strong protection crystal, as well as a champion when it comes to psychic expansion, spiritual endeavors and deepening intuition.

Each necklace is $14, with 9 available.


Crafted on braided wax cord and open ended for adjustability, this necklace centers around a gem-eyes Turquoise-bellied owl pendant, accompanied by Turquoise, Aventurine and Howlite beads.



Featuring bronzed aromatherapy lockets, these necklaces are entirely designed for the benefits of aromatherapy, complimented by Lava Stone beads which are also perfect for absorbing essential oil. Wearers can choose to place their favorite scent on the felt padded medallions for a lighter effect, or work it into the lava beads as well to pack a powerful scent punch to the senese.


Each necklace is $14, with 3 available. ( Lime, Hot Pink, Pastel Pink )

Additional felt pads can be found cheaply online or created from simple felt squares available in most craft stores.


Designed as a healing and grounding necklace, this piece includes Hematite and Lava Stone beads around a pure Clear Quartz crystal. Given Clear Quartz' abilitiy to amplify intention, as well as the effects of other crystals, this necklace is great to mix with other crystals either in jewelry or meditation form.  $15


This item has been sold.

Built on braided wax cord and open ended for adjustability, this necklace is an Aventurine power punch, featuring both a full sized crystal as it's pendant, as well as two sizes of Aventurine bead and finished up with Chrysocolla beads. $15

This item is unique, only 1 is available.


A bracelet that's main focus is 2 ornate peacock feather inspired beads, this piece features a Lava stone at it's center for aromatherapy use if desired. The addition of Chrysocolla beads lends beneficial crystal effects.  While created on elastic, these are custom per purchaser to make sure the fit is just right. (Wrist size will be requested.)

$15 each, 2 available.


Featuring double strands of Chrysocolla beads to compliment a pretty central pendant.  While created on elastic, these are custom per purchaser to make sure the fit is just right. (Wrist size will be requested.)

$18 each, 1 available.


A particularly special piece of the collection, this necklace is built around an ammolite encrusted fossilized ammonite shell. Ammolite is a fascinating crystal that forms as a sort of film on these fossils, thought to hold the vibration of the universe. While incredibly useful for personal awakening, spiritual endavors and enhancing dreams, Ammolite is also useful for those suffering from depression or exhaustion. In addition to this wonderful crystal, this necklace features Howlite, Unakite, and Lava Stone beads.

This item is unique, only 1 is available.



The Ultimate Priminial Sticker Set, this set now includes 10 large and 25 small stickers, as well as 2 temporary tattoos.

(Figures portrayed on items are assorted and may vary slightly from those pictured above.)

$18 each, 2 Available


An all around update to prior Mala beads I've put out, these beads are a full scale crystal meditation aid, including 7 Chakra stones, Opalite, Aventurine, Unakite, Chrysocolla, Hematite and Lava Stone beads, as well as a few fillers to tie the traditional 108 bead length together. A Tree of Life summit bead finishes the strand up, making them an easily functioning mala.


$20 each, 2 Available


The Pendulum Boards are back! To sell them at their lowest price yet, pendulums are no longer included, but I've added an additional Clear Quartz crystal.  Each board is double-sided and crafted by hand via wood burning and paint, designed to be as useful as possible by including the Alphabet, Numeric Values, Days of the Week, Moon Cycles, Times of Day, Compass and traditional Yes/No/Possibly/Rephrase prompts.

$30 a piece, 5 available.

swag box.png

Due to the past, I've decided that in the future I'll not be doing swag beyond SQS Calendars and Priminial Card sets. While I may still sell jewelry / pendulum board type items from time to time, the days of Swag and Swag boxes have come to a close.  I'll be finishing this tradition out with these final swag boxes, of which only 2 are available.  These boxes are somewhat customizeable, allowing their purchasers to choose from a few items. 


$100 a piece, plus $14 shipping.








  • 4 Legacy Spacescape Post Cards

  • 4 SageBit Logo Post Cards

  • 1 SageBit Note Card

  • 1 Landscape Post Card

  • 1 SageBit Coffee Mug

  • 1 SageBit Magnet

  • 1 Palm Stone (Of Choice from Available)

  • 1 Priminial Sticker Set

  • 1 Priminial Chakra Card Set

  • 1 Grounding Bottle

  • 1 Wisdom Bottle

  • 1 Love Bottle

  • 1 Legacy Bottle

  • 1 Adamas Bottle

  • 1 Pendulum Board

  • 1 Pendulum

  • 2 Clear Quartz Crystals

  • 1 Chakra Bracelet

  • 1 Peacock Bracelet (Custom Fit to Purchaser)

  • 1 Peacock Ore Sample Necklace

  • 1 Labradorite Necklace

  • 1 Key Necklace (Of Choice from Available)

  • 1 Alternate Necklace (Of Choice from Available, Entire Stock)



(If other items are desired, these can be added to this box without extra shipping costs.

This item is a $233 value, being sold at over 50% off.


The following includes all information that is presented when a Priminial is uploaded, except the shadowed silhouette. Please note that these are NOT in upload order, merely in order of coloration.


Great thanks goes out to Cherry Pepsi for helping figure up the stones in this fundraiser batch.


Please visit the Priminial page for information on this collectable species if you are unfamiliar!




Diamond : COMPLETE

Level 6

Leucistic Ball Python, Arctic Fox, Honduran Ghostbat

This Priminial opens the chakras, inducing psychic abilities and allowing universal connection.



Level 4

Iridescent Shieldtail, Pearl Morpho Butterfly, Unicorn, Persian Cat

A Priminial that clears energy blockages, reinvigorating the user and allowing an inner sense of peace and calm.


Lepidolite: COMPLETE

Level 2

Rhinelander Rabbit, Albino Squirrel, Silver-Studded Blue Moth

Lepidolite calms anxiety and depression while stimulating positive coincidence and sychronicity for it's user.


Ametrine : Reserved

Level 4

Viscacha, Costa Hummingbird, Andean Mountain Cat

Enhancing mental and spiritual clarity, this Priminial also helps to release addictions.


Tanzanite: COMPLETE

Level 3

Russian Blue Cat, Glaucus, Kudu Antelope

A Priminial that awakens psychic abilities, especially that of clairvoyance and clairaudience.


Turquoise: COMPLETE

Level 4

North American Indian Dog, Choctaw Horse, Turquoise Pied Parrotlet

Turquoise protects it's user while displaying their health in it's coloration.


Jade : Reserved

Level 3

Chinese Crested Dog, Peter David's Hjort, Chinese Bush Cricket

Jade is a heartstone Priminial, bringing prosperity, abundance, and luck to it's user.


Aquamarine: Reserved

Level 2

Spangled Cotinga, Jesus Lizard (Common Basilisk), Crab-Eating Fox

This Priminial is a meditation stone that helps it's owner discover the hidden meanings of reality.


Yellow Jasper: Reserved

Level 3

Golden Bat, Serval, Eastern Box Turtle

A Priminial that protects and clears it's user's body of environmental toxins while infusing positive energy.


Yellow Sapphire: COMPLETE

Level 1

Golden Poison Frog, Basenji, Oryx

This Priminial attracts wealth and prosperity, stimulating intellect, improving focus, and enhancing wisdom and ambition in it's user.


Pyrite: Reserved

Level 5

Lion, Golden Tortoise Beetle, Spotted Crane Fly

Pyrite shields it's user from all negative energies, blocking energy leaks, mending auric tears and promoting their general well-being.


Morganite : Reserved

Level 1

Ring-Tailed Lemur, Leaf-Tailed Gecko, Oreophryne Frog

A stone of peace, Morganite brings love and positive vibrations to it's user.


Garnet: Reserved

Level 2

Red Dragonfly, Indian Pariah Dog, Pangolin

This Priminial removes inhibitions and taboos while stimulating past life recall for it's user.


Red Beryl: Reserved

Level 5

Red Wolf, Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Blue-Streaked Lory

A Priminial that enhances intuition, giving it's owner heightened senses for lucky timing in all ventures.


Kunzite : Reserved

Level 5

Panda, Mourning Dove, Pink Corn Snake

Kunzite breaks down emotional walls, connecting the heart and mind of it's user.


Tugtupite: Reserved

Level 1

Flamingo, Seal Mink Marbled Bengal Cat, Long-Eared Jerboa

A deep love Priminial that removes neutral and apathetic feelings, reawakening lost love and unremembered passion.


Meteorite: COMPLETE

Level 6

Panther, Peppered Moth, Appaloosa Spot Horse

This Priminial supports the opening of it's user's consciousness to higher vibrational energies, increasing inner vision and lending support on the user's spiritual journey.