In comparison to other Naikios species, The Priminials have been specifically designed to form a partnership with their purchasers!

I wanted to create something amazing, and collectable, that could simultaneously generate revenue for the projects supporters. I've done this in a few ways!

  • Anyone who uses the Crystal Trader Program has the option to simply sponsor Priminials and earn small incomes when these Priminials sell.

  • Priminials can be sold for more than the price they were purchased for.

  • Sponsors are not only allowed, but encouraged to buy, sell, and trade Priminials as they like! This goes so far as to encourage collector's to set up shops if they are capable of making a profit. I only care about the price of the art.


If you choose to build a shop, you'll have Naik's full support and aid!  Hell, we'll even give you an area here on the site, AND a special 'Shop Owner' Role tag in the Primavalean server, with your own channel to trade in!

Here are Naik's suggestions for getting started!

  • The goal isn't to lose money! Build your inventory wisely so that your shop remains a benefit, rather than a con! Some good ways to build inventory: Bulk stone sets are available fairly cheap online, and contain a vast array of gemstones. Due to the ability for multiples, and receive cash and credit back on purchased Priminials for the hoard OR buy them yourself for cheaper... This allows you to either build your inventory at a discount, or simply stock pile cash to use on other Priminials for your shop.

  • Naik will provide a 15% discount on Priminials for Shop Owners, as well as the option to have full size references of Priminials made for $40-$60. (These will be offered to the public at a sliding scale by Level, with Level 1 at $50 and Level 6 at $110.)

  • Batch Sponsoring: There are 2 major groups within the Priminials: Genuine and Genetically Formed. Genuine Priminials are obviously a bit more rare, as there can only be one, and they were created in Primavalea rather than Leg's workshop.  If you want to get your hands on originals, Batch Sponsoring allows you to see and have first dibs at all of these pretty new Priminials!

  • Sales! If a Priminial remains available for long enough, it's price will eventually drop to 50% and then 75% off.

  • Quest Priminials: Quests allow you to use the Trader Program to get your hands on Priminials and Primordials that aren't available to anyone else, such as the Alcheminials. As these are limited and exclusive, their resale price can be higher, whilst their purchasing price for Quest Completer tends to be far lower.


Thing Naik will provide (if desired), and restrictions for shops!

  • In order to qualify for Shop status, you'll need to have 5 Priminials available. You're welcome to sell before this, but must have 5 to get Shop perks!

  • 'Shop Owner' Role Tag and channel in the Primavalean Marketplace.  You can work with Naik to set this channel up however you would like! Whatever makes it easy for you to interface with potential buyers!

  • Shop Owners will have their own section here on the Shops page!  You can work with Naik to decide how you'd like this set up as well, and she'll build you headers, maybe a few little doodles to pretty it up, etc! We'll give shop owners their own separate admin server on discord, where we can conference on updates you need made and things along this line!

  • Shops are welcome to sell and trade Primordials as well, and will receive an extra signification if they choose to do so. Those who choose to do this will receive upgrades at a 30% off discount.

  • Advertising across Naik Platforms:  Naik will link people to your shop on journals and updates to help you get the word out! =D

  • Ad flyer aid.  If you want to run a sale, and want something super shnazzy to help you do so, we'll gladly help!